Fat Squirrel Caught Stealing Gourmet Chocolate From New Jersey House

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An obese squirrel recently hoodwinked a family in New Jersey. The plump rodent not only stole from the holiday treats the family had placed outside their house, but also picked up the choicest of treats.  ( Christiane | Pixabay )

There is a thief roaming freely in New Jersey that is out to steal holiday treats. It is a fat squirrel.

‘Tis The Season To Be A Jolly Squirrel

A family in Jersey was shocked to find someone had ransacked the tray of holiday treats, which they had placed on their house front for delivery people and the mailman. The treats included an assortment of goodies like hand warmers, lip balm, tissues, and candy. The tray was plundered in just a few hours of being kept outside.

The Boudreaux family found that the thief did not go for just about anything but the priciest items on the tray such as the 24 Ghirardelli chocolate squares. They decided to put up a camera on Tuesday to catch the thief, not to take action against the culprit or anything like that because all the items were anyway meant as free treats, but just to know who would act like this.

Later, the couple went out to walk their dog and it was when they were coming back that they met with the strangest sight. An obese squirrel was happily helping itself with the treats! The furry creature was standing on a step stool and furiously going through the treats kept on the wooden tray.

“We spot the FATTEST squirrel. I mean, this squirrel is so obese — a jolly ol’ chap — he must be prepping for a decade of winters,” Michele Boudreaux wrote in her blog. “He’s digging and digging and digging and then he TAKES OFF toward our backyard carrying whatever he possibly can.”

Mr. Boudreaux tried to chase the plump rodent through the yard to find out where it was hiding all its accumulated treasure but the culprit got away successfully.

The jolly ol’ chap was spotted again on Wednesday as Boudreaux was accompanying her children to the bus stop. She noticed unopened Ghirardelli squares in the yard and driveway. Boudreaux then replenished the treats and stood ready with the camera to record the squirrel in the act.

Soon enough, the plump fellow came back to restock its already big plunder and also decided to add a Carmex lip balm tube and Reeses to it.

Outsmarting A 4-Legged Thief

The Boudreaux family has now found a way to outsmart the smart squirrel. They have placed the candies in a jar that needs opposable thumbs to operate it. Hopefully, the squirrel has all the food it needs for the long winter months, after all, tis the season to be jolly!

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