Ford recalls 200,000 2016 F-150s and Explorers

Ford has announced a recall for just over 200,000 2016 F-150s and Explorers built between January and April of that year, with just over 177,000 of those vehicles being sold in the U.S. The recall involves a bolt in front power-adjustable seats. The bolt is in the front adjuster system and could come loose allowing the cushion to shift during a crash. This could cause the seat’s occupant to change position and not be adequately restrained, leading to an injury.

Owners with affected vehicles should bring them to a Ford dealer where the bolt will be inspected to determine if it’s fine for long-term use. The bolt will also be removed to have new threadlock applied, and then reinstalled with the proper torque. This is the case whether or not the bolt is fine for long-term use, but if the bolt isn’t, it will only be reinstalled as a temporary fix while Ford prepares a final fix with additional replacement parts.

The repairs will not cost the owners anything. Ford also has not had any reports of injuries related to this issue.

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