Neighbors plan early Christmas for 3-year-old battling cancer

When 3-year-old Leena Lo’s neighbors found out she may not make it to celebrate Christmas morning, they began planning a surprise homecoming for the little girl who has been fighting cancer for two years.

“I have the option to do chemo to maybe prolong her life for a little longer, or it could take it faster,” Sara Lo, Leena’s mother, posted Nov. 9 on the “Leenastrong Fighting Neuroblastoma” Facebook page. “I decided to just take her home and let her spend the rest of her days with her brothers and sisters.”

Part of that time has been spent at Disney on a Make-A-Wish trip, where Leena had the chance to meet Elsa. The family traveled from their Georgia home on Nov. 17 to make the trip, which is when their community sprang into action to create an extra special surprise for them.


“So many times when you go through a situation like this you feel so alone and we can’t imagine,” Kara Adsit, who lives down the street, told Fox 5 Atlanta. “So, we’re just trying to support this family and show them love in whatever way we can.”

Adsit was among a large group of volunteers who set up inflatable Christmas decorations and holiday cheer along the Lo’s front lawn. Those decorations include a wreath made up of purple and gold, which represent the colors of neuroblastoma.

The family has not returned home yet, but has taken to Facebook to thank supporters for the gesture.

“It’s going to mean the world to them, because this couldn’t happen without the community and the love and support that other people have for us,” Pearl Nguyen, Leena’s aunt, told Fox 5 Atlanta. “It’s what Leena wants, and it’s what we want as a family and it’s what the world wants to see.” 

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