1-year-old dies after ingesting powerful synthetic opioid

A 1-year-old girl who died in August was exposed to a powerful synthetic opioid that is typically used as a sedative for elephants. The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office said Audrianna Cohen’s accidental death was caused by the toxic effects of carfentanil, a substance 10,000 times more potent than morphine, TribLive.com reported.

The exact circumstances of her death are unclear, although the substance can be mixed with heroin and cocaine, or used as an illicit substance substitute, the news outlet reported.


“There are discussions if charges should be filed, against whom, and if so which charges should be filed,” Allegheny County Police Superintendent Colman J. McDonough said, according to TribLive.com. “It won’t be today or tomorrow or even the next day.”

A neighbor said the family has since moved out of the house where the incident occurred.

“Her death was no accident,” Linda McCrackan told CBS Pittsburgh. “That baby should never… who in their right mind would have that stuff around a baby? Who in their right mind would have that stuff around the house?” 

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