9-year-old battling brain cancer serenades fellow patients during treatment

A 9-year-old girl being treated for an aggressive form of brain cancer is bringing joy to patients around her with her love of music. Oliviah Hall, who was diagnosed with Glioblastoma and is receiving treatment at the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center, has become well-known around the oncology department, Fox 8 reported.

“She just really brightens up the whole department; everyone here knows her,” Allison Ochocki, a radiation and oncology nurse, told the news outlet.

Hall, who has undergone 33 radiation therapy sessions as part of her treatment, said she enjoys making people happy.


“I just feel like I’m singing to people and making them really happy; I Just like seeing people, and it feels great singing to them,” she told Fox 8.  

Her songs have worked on 83-year-old Diane Weiss, who said watching her sing helps inspire her to live a happier life. Weiss’ husband, Benjamin, said Hall’s songs make his wife’s treatments bearable.

“If she can looking at things in life in spite of the problems she has and look at them in such a positive way, then the adults should also be living that way,” Weiss told the news outlet.

Hall is now taking a break from treatments while doctors monitor her progress. Her family keeps supporters updated on the “Team Oliviah” Facebook page. 

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